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Special Offer for Your Lunch & Swimming Pool

Formula at 25€

( Only noon, from Tuesday till Sunday)
( 1 first course + 1 second course)
( 1 second course + 1 Dessert)
Served with a glass of wine and a coffee

Access to the swimming pool until 5 pm
For exemple

Salad caprese consisted of tomato, mozzarella di buffala,
Fresh basil, olive oil and its Mixed salad leaves

Penne in the amatricciana in lardons, fresh tomato sauce, basil,
Onions, olive oil and rain of Parmesan cheese

Coated with breadcrumbs Cotta in red berries
and his chocolate-brown veil




Business Pakage 39 € / person

Business Pakage 39 € / person
(1 entrance+ 1 flat) + 1 dessert + 2 glasses of wine + coffee *******
Smooth Custard tart of vegetables of moment, wipes Parmesan cheese, Strand of sweet pepper, olive oil and
its mixed salad leaves of the market *******
Cutlet of poultry, sauce in the flavors of wood and his kettledr
of worshipped black rice.
Flan of moment and its ice

Our Leader works exclusively with fresh products, this menu is as a rough guide and subjected to modifications according to the day load

Valid offer in the week only




Menu at 39 € ( in the evening only )


Salad Caprèse was consisted of Tomatoes cluster, Mozzarella of Buffalo milks of olive oil fresh basil and its Mixed salad leaves

Supreme of Poultry in the flavor of Sous Wood, scent of oil of Truffle white with Alba, Roasted Apples and small Mixed fried vegetables


Completed in the Chocolate and its Crème brûlée in the Grand Marnier

Sweet petits-fours
Please note it is an example of Menu as the Menu change everyday




Gournet's menu in 65 €

Trilogy of appetizers

Sushi of fishes according to the market

Duck foie gras of Landes " Way mirror in the mango " chutney of mangoes, bread in figs, balsamic reduction and its small mixed salad leaves

Monkfish medallion in the heart of tomato, gambas and spinach,
With his sauce in the orange


Small pie of lamb of Provence, juice in morels
And his small spring vegetables

Declension of sweetnesses of the Head pastry chef

Sweet petits-fours

This Menu can be proposed to you in 100 € with Agreement Dishes and Wines
Tasting prepared by our Leader Wine steward
Please note this Menu can be changed based on our season products




Some Suggestions of the Chef


Duck foie gras of Landes " Way mirror in the mango ",Chutney of mangoes, Bread in figs, Balsamic reduction and its Mixed salad leaves 28 €

Fishes (according to the tide)

Medallions of ballottine of monkfish in the heart of crystallized tomatoes, gambas and spinach, kettledrum of Jasmine rice in the jasmine 28 €


Involtini of calf stuffed in the spek, the garlic, the crushed flat-leaved parsley and scarmozza, singed in Marsala and bridge new of Polenta 26 €

The Desserts

Parfait of Chocolate and its dacquoise biscuit over of our Chef
Crème brûlée in Grand-Marnier, frost of mint and his Amandine 20€

Please note our Carte is an example and can be changed at any moment based on our season products




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